Supercell/EGOIST Members’ Faces

Supercell is quite popular and well known among the Anime and Japanese Music industry. It first gained famed when its creator, Ryo, posted several of his music videos, featuring Hatsune Miku, to Nico Nico Douga which gained millions of views and went viral in Japan. After the initial success of the Hatsune Miku Album, Ryo released several albums that featured several other human singers: Yanagi-nagi, Chelly, and Koeda; and he even formed a side band based from the anime, Guilty Crown, called EGOIST, which only featured Chelly as the singer. Despite Supercell’s fame and popularity, fans never really knew what the members of the band look like and what’s their real names. Well, fear not, as I am going to reveal to you Supercell fans out there, the faces of Supercell/EGOIST members.




Believe it or not, this is ryo’s actual face. I can assure you that this is his true face and there’s a proof below

Booklet 02 (1).jpg

This is the booklet for the My Dearest Album. Ryo’s name is clearly stated on the Music Video Staff section on the rightmost part of the booklet. It was stated that Ryo was the one who played the piano on the music video.


Ryo during an interview of Bravely Second’s theme song

He can also be heard talking and showing some of his studio equipments in this video:



Yanagi-nagi is now a solo singer, and was no longer part of supercell. She sang quite a few notable anime opening songs, like Tokohana from Black Bullet. I’ve read an article about an interview of her, and the article stated that, when she was asked what she felt about Ryo, she said that Ryo treated her too strictly and was just like a discipline music teacher. Hmm, probably might be a reason on why she left.



I’m not sure whether koeda is still with supercell or not, but she had just recently formed a small band and likes to post her selfies on her twitter. Supercell members usually wouldn’t just post the photos of their faces on the internet, but as for koeda, there’s a probability that she left without announcing or ryo just doesn’t bother to use her as supercell’s main singer.

koeda 2

Koeda in some of supercell’s music videos

Koeda’s twitter:


Chelly almost never reveals her full face, but this picture might be a hint on how she actually looks like…


A thread from myanimelist claimed that this picture was uploaded by chelly herself on her twitter account, but was eventually deleted by her within a few minutes.

By the way, Chelly is my favorite singer among the other singers. Personally, i liked her the best, because i think her voice is very powerful and energetic, especially when she sang Psycho Pass EDs (Namae no Nai Kaibutsu, Fallen). 


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